Feedback from our clients

June 5 2018 (Email) AC ACE Bristol

Hi Walter,

We had a great time at Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. Weather held out and crowd was huge. We won Best Collector Car in the show chosen by Wayne Carrini. People were very impressed with the car, especially the paint & interior color and how nice the engine bay looked. Even other Ace owners and a couple restoration guys couldn’t give it enough praise.

Thanks very much, again. I’ll take it out over the next few weeks and check everything out to be rally ready by September.

Best regards,



May 12 2017 (Email) Aston Martin DB6 Project

Thanks again for picking me up at the airport, and for the guided tour of your shop.

A giant thank you to you and your team for the work on my Aston. What an amazing job you’ve done. It is so tight compared to other classics I have driven. no rattles, no vague steering etc. It performed great, even over the unpaved part of the 299!

I look forward to working with you again on my Porsche when the time comes.


March 20 2017 (Email) Aston Martin DB6 Project


It’s freaking gorgeous, the car is amazingly beautiful. I knew it would be nice but you guys hit it out of the park with that restoration. The detail’s, the detailing is incredible on it. That blue interior is SOooooo much nicer than that nasty, ugly black thing , Did I ever mention that I didn’t like the old interior ?

And that engine, wow, that is a whole lot of engine stuffed in under that hood. It’s so clean and perfect, you made a new car out of that old DB6. A simple thank you to all the craftsman that worked on that car seems so inadequate. I’m completely blown away by how great it looks. Geez, I’ve seen your car’s at RM but I never thought I would own one of them.


Followup comment

Many thanks for the note. With the beautiful Spring weather here, sunny and 86 yesterday, we had to take that beautiful car out for a drive.
I'm getting used to it a bit, very impressed with the tight steering and suspension. No play, no excess body roll, well mannered handling.
The engine! Wow, what a beautiful motor you put under the bonnet. It has all the power you need and than some. What a great growl you get when your
into the rpm's a bit. Yes, those Webbers talk to you and are significantly better. I did struggle to get it started yesterday, so thank you for the tip 
about the choke and amount of petrol to start. My big foot was getting a bit heavy I suppose.
Yes, we noticed much like the Ferrari's, she wants to be warm before any action takes place. It rewards you for smooth driving inputs with a great
outing. Your team did an amazing job bringing the girl back to life. The five speed makes it a new car for sure. I can't even believe they put the
automatic in that. Great job and we are so thankful to you and your team for the worldclass restoration.
Andy and Kim

Kevin, Walter and team,

My Aston was a hit at Amelia. It was great on the tour, won the Youth Judging prize and best in class against some fairly serious kit. Wow!






Dear Walter,

It was a pleasure working with you on the restoration and upgrade to my Aston Martin DB2 Mark III. Your attention to detail, experience and knowledge is terrific and the steady and timely reports and updates were helpful and reassuring,